Prof. Lei Zhanbo

Lei Zhanbo, male, born in 1962, was eligible for a PhD in management in Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1996, and retained to work in the college after graduation in the same year, has served as professor of the School of Public Policy and Managementof Xi'an Jiaotong University since 2005. He is engaged in knowledge management, intellectual property, e-government, management information systems, technology management and other related areas, and published academic papers about60, whose research achievements won provincial level awards three times. He once served as doctoral assistanta of Tsinghua University,lecturer and associate professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and visiting associate professor in Tokyo University of Science. At present, he serves as director of Chinese economy Information Society, evaluation expert of the National Natural Science Foundation of Management Sciences and the National Social Science Fund, and paper expert reviewer of severaljournals. He had a long-term research experience and accumulation of knowledge on E-government (commerce) and knowledge management.In recent years, he isdelicated to intellectual property management, knowledge management, technology management and strategic management. During his tenure of beingthe associate professor, he was invited by professor Wikipedia, who is the President of the Japan Society for Management Information, to resarch collaboratively and lecture in Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nomura Securities. In April 2012, the central leaders attached great importance to the survey findings of Scientists IPR awareness which was in the charge of him and made important instructions, which made a positive contribution to the State Intellectual Property Development Strategy for our country. Based on the three-dimensional structure system constructed by A.D.Hall, which is now widely recognized as one of the most important and affected systems engineering methodology, he first proposedfour-dimensional structure systems of engineering methodology, in which he emphasized the importance of environmental analysis, and he proposed the concepts of environmental factor active matrix E-L and and environmental change analysis active matrix E-T, which have been introduced in teaching by several experts and units such as Harbin Institute of Technology. On the basis of which, he put forward a four-dimensional structure systems of information system development methodology and four-dimensional structure systemof human resource management methodology. He hosted and participated in research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation more than 10.

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