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Institute for Population and Development Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Address:28 West Xianning Road, Xi’an,
Shaanxi Province, 710049, China
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November 2011, Ph.D, Management Science and Engineering, Management School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China  
June 2003, MS, Technical Economics and Management , Management School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
June 1996, BS, Applied Geophysics, Petroleum University of China , China
1. Institute for Population and Development Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
- Associate Professor (2013.1-)
- Assistant Professor (2004-2012)
2. School of Social Work, University of Southern California, USA
       - Visiting Scholar (2013.3-2014.3)
3. School of Humanities and Social Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
- Lecturer (2003-2004)
4. Institute of Xi’an Petroleum Exploration Instrument Complex

- Assistant Engineer(1996-2000)

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Zuo, D., Li, S. and Wu, Z.. 2014.The age pattern of intergenerational support among older persons in rural China. Peking: Social Science Academic Press(China).

Research Grants
Principle Investigator:
1.      2013-2016, Study on the Mechanism of Intergenerational Exchange in Elderly Extended Family and Healthy Consequences. funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(71273205)
2.      2011.12-2012.12, Study on situation of Aging population and Old-age security in Shaanxi Province. funded by Shaanxi bureau of statistics (S2012WZ007)
3.      2009-2011, Dynamic Age Pattern of Intergenerational Exchanges among Older Persons in Rural China: Life course perspective. funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(70803039)
1.      2012.9-2013.10  “Intergenerational Support and the Experience of the Elderly at the End of Life: An Extension of A Longitudinal Study in Rural China.”, funded by the Advisory Committee of Stanford’s Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging (CDEHA) of the USA(Marcus W. Feldman, PI, Shuzhuo Li and Dongmei ZUO, CIs)
1. Excellent paper  Paper presented at XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference, Gerontological Society of China, 2013.
2.  3rd prize in “Humanities and Social Science Excellent Research Achivement Competition in Unviersityies in Shaanxi Province”
Workshops & Seminars
1.  Survey Methodology and Quantitative Analysis Laboratory (SQL) of University of Michigan-Peking University Joint Institute Summer Program, Beijing.
l  June 19-August 11, 2006: “Introduction to Survey Research Methods; “Methods of Survey Sampling”
l  July 15-August 30, 2007: “Linear Regression Analysis”; “Hierarchical Linear Model”

2.   June 16-18th,2008, attended 3rd National Gerontology and Aging Policy Seminar, Beijing, China.

Papers Presented at Professional Conferences:
1.   Zuo, D., Li, S. and Feldman, M.W. 2013. Adult Children’s Care for the Elder Parents at the End of Life in Rural China: Study based on a long-term longitudinal Surve. Paper Presentation at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Asia Health Policy Program (AHPP) Seminar at Stanford University. May 30th, Stanford, USA.
2.  Dongmei Zuo, Shuzhuo Li. 2012. “Sons and Daughters:Adult Children’s Care for the Elder Parents at the End of Life in Rural China” Poster Paper presented at the conference of Advvances in Methodology and Applications:Biodemography and Multistate Event History Analysis on Healthy Aging. 15-18 October,Beijing and Hangzhou in China.
3.      Dongmei Zuo, Shuzhuo Li. 2010. “Age Pattern of Intergenerational Exchanges among Older Persons in Rural China: A life course perspective” Paper presented at the conference of Intergenerational Family Support for Chinese Older Adults: New perspective in Chinese culture and society.6-8 May, Los Angels, USA.
4. Zuo, D., Wu, Z. and Li, S. 2010. “Age and Intergenerational Exchanges (IE) of the Elderly in Rural China ” Paper presented at the 1st Asian Population Association Conference. 16-20 November, New Delhi, India.
5.  Dongmei Zuo, Shuzhuo Li. 2008. Gender, Migration and Well-being of the Elderly in Rural China. Paper presented at the 4th Chinese Gerontologist Forum. 30 December, Beijing.

6. Dongmei Zuo, Shuzhuo Li. 2007.Factors Affecting Rural Elderly’s Willingness to Enter the New Type Elder Homes in Rural China. Paper presented at the 8th Asia/Oceania Regional Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 22-25 October, Beijing.

Research Interests  

Research field is focused on social gerontology, life courses, elderly healthy wellbeing, and social public policies.

Undergraduate Teaching: Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences, Statistical Software Applications, Introduction to Demography

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